The Strathclyde MBA is not just a business programme, it’s a stimulating, challenging, life-changing experience, which will make you question, re-think and re-evaluate how you do business.

Strathclyde MBA


Welcome to the Strathclyde Business School (SBS) – A Beacon of Tradition, Innovation, and Excellence

Established in 1796, The University of Strathclyde, SBS’s parent institution, takes pride in being Glasgow’s second-oldest and Scotland’s third-largest university. With full international accreditations (AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB) recognized across the UK, Europe, and the USA, SBS distinguishes itself as Scotland’s sole representative in the exclusive global club of 77 fully accredited Business Schools.

Standing as one of the UK’s oldest, most extensive, and highly respected Business Schools, SBS consistently appears in the UK’s top 10 for both research and teaching quality. Our reputation for business and management education innovation is globally recognized.

Our accolades include being ranked as Scotland’s premier and one of the world’s Top 100 Business Schools (Global MBA Ranking, Financial Times, 2017). We’ve also received global recognition for our Corporate Strategy (5th in the world, Financial Times, 2016), value for money (4th globally), and the Employment Category (7th globally).

As trailblazers in the field, SBS pioneered several firsts in UK business education. We launched the first one-year Full-time MBA programme in 1966, followed by the UK’s inaugural ‘Part-time’ MBA programme in 1976 and ‘Flexible Learning’ MBA in 1983. Venturing overseas, we initiated ‘Part-time’ MBA programmes in International Centres, with the first one launched in S.E. Asia in 1988.

Join us at SBS, where tradition and innovation drive global excellence in business education.

  • Possess a degree from a UK university or an equivalent academic qualification from a comparable non-UK institution.
  • If the undergraduate degree was earned at a non-UK institution, provide a copy of the degree transcript.
  • Professional qualifications are also acceptable.
  • Must be a minimum of 24 years old.
  • Must have at least three years of full-time postgraduate experience, with significant roles in managing people and resources.

Diploma-level entry may be available for applicants lacking sufficient degree-level qualifications, if they meet the following conditions:

  • Possess non-degree/professional qualifications along with a minimum of five years of diverse management experience.
  • Have no formal qualifications but bring extensive and varied management experience (10 or more years).
  • Are outstanding candidates aged 24 or above with at least two years of managerial experience. This option is not available for those applying for full-time routes.

The University of Strathclyde offers a limited number of scholarships, details of which are obtainable on application. For more information, please contact CDC staff.

Fees for all Strathclyde programmes are reviewed annually and may increase each year at least in line with inflation. The tuition fees cover the cost of all text books and core learning materials, seminars and workshops, tutorial sessions, library access (Strathclyde online and HCT physical), examinations and graduation fees. There are no additional ‘hidden’ charges on the Strathclyde programme.


To learn more about our programmes and courses, potential students are invited to our frequent information sessions and events at CDC. For further information, please feel free to email us at, give us a call at 03-7660 8950, or stop by to chat with our welcoming staff at our premises. We look forward to meeting you!

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In Glasgow, Scotland. Strathclyde Business School is one of the 4 faculties of the University of Strathclyde which was founded in 1796. A Royal Charter University, Strathclyde is the third largest University in Scotland, and the largest centre of postgraduate education in the UK. The vision statement of the University is “The Place of Useful Learning” which it adopted at its founding in 1796.

In December 2012, the University of Strathclyde was named the UK University of the Year 2012/2013 at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards. The Awards judges described Strathclyde as a “bold, imaginative and innovative institution” and praised the University for its links with business and industry, and commitment to making an impact on the global economy. In a rare honour at the 2013 Awards, Strathclyde was named as the Entrepreneurial University of the year 2013/14, in recognition of the outstanding culture of entrepreneurship fostered at the University through education, research, mentoring and partnership programmes.

Strathclyde Business School is one of the oldest, largest and most respected Business Schools in the UK. It has been consistently ranked in the top 10 Business Schools in the UK in terms of both research and teaching quality, and is known for its innovation in business & management education, being the first UK Business School to offer a:

  • One year Full-time MBA programme (1966)
  • Part-time MBA programme in the UK (1976)
  • Flexible Learning MBA in the UK (1983)
  • International Part-time MBA programmes in International Centres (launched in S.E. Asia in 1988)

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Strathclyde MBA programme.

The Strathclyde ‘International Part-time MBA’ is a 180 credit, two year duration, part-time, taught General MBA programme. With the exception of the mode of study, the International part-time MBA in all the international centres including Malaysia, is in all respects identical to that offered on a full-time basis in the UK; the entry criteria, programme content, assessment, books and core learning materials are the same, and it is taught by the same Strathclyde academics who teach on the programmes in Glasgow.

YES. Strathclyde is one of around 62 (2014) of the 13,670 schools in the world offering business degree programs, to hold international accreditation from the three worldwide industry hallmarks of excellence – AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB. The Strathclyde MBA is also accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in the UAE, and was the first UK MBA in the UAE to have this accreditation and remains the only UAE government and triple internationally accredited UK MBA programme available in the UAE.


YES. The Strathclyde MBA has for many years, been consistently ranked as 1st in Scotland and top 100 in the World under Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2017.

Strathclyde was ranked 80th in the world, 4th in terms of value for money, and 5th for Corporate Strategy, 7th in the World for Employment Category.

Strathclyde was also ranked 41st in the world for Financial Times Executive MBA, 2016.

Times Higher Education awarded University of Strathclyde as the UK Business School of the year 2016.

In 1988 the MBA Programme was launched in Malaysia and on 1999 partnered with CDC Management Development (M) Sdn Bhd to offer the programme at part time, international basis.

There are 4 modules comprising 14 subjects, 3 workshops and a masters’ dissertation (Project), as detailed below:

Module: The Reflective Practitioner (20 credits)

  • The Learning Manager (including Induction)
  • Comparative Corporate Governance
  • Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership
  • Information & Technology Management (online) 10 credits

Module: Making the Business Work (60 credits)

  • Financial & Management Accounting -10 credits
  • Finance & Financial Management -10 credits
  • Operations Management -10 credits
  • Managing People in Organizations -10 credits
  • Marketing Management -10 credits
  • Analytical Support for Decision Making -10 credits

Module: Strategic Management for Sustainable Success (20 credits)

  • Exploring the International Business Environment -7 credits
  • Strategy Analysis & Evaluation -7 credits
  • Making Strategy -6 credits

Module: Personal Development (70 credits)

  • Strategic Consulting in Practice -10 credits
  • 2 Elective Subjects -20 credits
  • Project (including Project Methodology) -40 credits

The programme is structured over 4 semesters; there are 2 semesters a year and each semester is approximately 5 ½ months long.

Depending on whether you start the programme in October or April, you will undertake the programme in the order shown in either Table 1 or Table 2 below:

YES. There are 6 subjects which have examinations, all of which occur in the first two semesters of the programme and are held in March and August each year. In addition all subjects have assignments; subjects which have no examination will usually have 2 assignments, a context specific assignment (2,500-4,000 words) which is often a ‘group’ assignment, and a shorter individual ‘reflective’ assignment. To complete the MBA students must:

  • Achieve a composite pass mark of 50% in all subjects (with a minimum of 40% in the examination for those subjects which have an examination). Anyone who fails a subject (assignment and/or examination) is permitted a resit.
  • Attain a pass mark of 50% for the project (dissertation).

The International part-time MBA is a face-to-face taught programme by Strathclyde academics; it is not an ‘on-line’ or a ‘distance learning’ programme.

All classes are held on alternate weekends at CDC Centre and comprise:

  • Intensive Seminars held on weekends (9:00-17:00) conducted on average once a month by Strathclyde academics who fly in from Scotland;
  • Workshops, again held over weekends and run by Strathclyde faculty; and
  • Tutorial sessions (8 hours) (weekend in CDC) conducted by local counsellors, approved and appointed by Strathclyde.

Students registered in Malaysia can attend the intensive seminars, tutorial sessions and workshops at CDC centre if they wish, and vice versa. Students can also attend these at any of the other international centres.

2 years part-time. The programme has been deliberately designed for busy individuals in full-time employment and studying part-time, and although the majority of students complete the programme in 2 to 2 ½ years, the period of study can be extended up to 6 years.

YES. In addition to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the identical part-time MBA programme is offered in the following International centres:

  • The Gulf:
  • ● Bahrain
  • ● Oman (Muscat)
  • S.E. Asia:
  • ● Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  • ● Singapore
  • Europe:
  • ● Greece (Athens)
  • ● Switzerland (Zurich)

If relocating to one of these countries students already on the programme can continue with the programme at that International centre.

You can continue on the programme as a remote ‘flexible-learning’ student. You will be sent all the course materials you would normally receive, and support will be provided online.

The minimum entry requirements for the Strathclyde MBA programme are:

  • Aged 25 or older;
  • An undergraduate degree from a recognized university and a minimum of 3 years work experience in a managerial/leadership position.
  • A Diploma Holder and a minimum of 5 years work experience in a managerial/leadership position.

You will receive the identical MBA degree parchment (shown opposite) which is awarded to all Strathclyde MBA students, including those on the full-time programme studying in Glasgow.


The total fee is an all inclusive price which covers the cost of all text books and core learning materials, seminars and workshops, tutorial sessions, library access (Strathclyde online and CDC physical), examinations and graduation fees. There are no additional ‘hidden’ charges on the programme.

There are three payment options: a single lump-sum payment, semester instalments or monthly instalments.


YES. A limited number of scholarships are available, details of which are obtainable on application.

YES. A limited number of scholarships are available, details of which are obtainable on application.

You are welcome to visit CDC centre to discuss the programme in detail and application procedures with one of our staff, and collect print copies of brochures. Our walk-in hours are 0930-1900, Monday –Friday. Alternatively, you can email us at to arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Application to the programme is done online. Those who wish to join the programme must complete the online application at the link:

Select the year/intake and location you wish to join and click on the ‘apply’ button. This will automatically take you to the application page to set up a ‘Pegasus’ account which will then allow you to apply to the programme, and upload the required documents.

There are 2 intakes a year in all International centres, the October intake and the April intake, and you can join either intake. We generally limit each intake to around 35 students per intake, and close applications one month before the start of each semester; thus applications for the October intake close at the end of August and the end of February for the April intake. We suggest that you apply as soon as you can to ensure yourself a place on the programme for the intake of your choice.

Additional information on the programme can be found on the Strathclyde website which can be accessed at which will take you to the CDC homepage.

CDC Management Development (M) Sdn Bhd
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Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9 Jalan 16/11,
46350 Petaling Jaya

Senior Marketing Executive: Mr. Gary Ooi
Programme Manager: Ms. Cristina Magat
CEO: Mr. Soon Thiam Lam

Tel: +6 (03) 7660 8950
Fax: +6 (03) 7660 8955

Programme Structure

Choose One (40 Credits)

  • Research Dissertation
  • Entrepreneurial Businss Project
  • Consultancy Project
  • Leading a Sustainable Organisation (1o Credits)
  • Grand Challenges of Corporate Governance (1o Credits)
  • Strategic Leadership Development (20 Credits)
  • Marketing & Brand Management (10 Credits)
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking & Practice (10 Credits)
  • Operations & Project Management (10 Credits)
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics (10 Credits)
  • Accounting & Financial Management (10 Credits)
  • Applied Strategic Management (10 Credits)
  • Digital Transformation & Technological Innovation (10 Credits)
  • Economic Analysis for Strategists (10 Credits)
  • Choose 2 options to customise your MBA (20 Credits)

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